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TK Ceramics an Indonesian Opportunity †Free Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the TK Ceramics an Indonesian Opportunity. Answer: TK Ceramics an Indonesian opportunity The TK Ceramics is well designed firm which is playing role in an effective manner, they are now expanding towards the growth of their business and their next steps is to deliver services in an Indonesian firm. They are delivering their products to wholesaler not directly selling to products. The author of the study said that the mangers are now concern about to take steps to design work in the firm at Indonesia. Redesign the internally facing and customer facing job In the premises of the Indonesian company the mangers are focusing to redesign the internally facing and customer facing job. The author stated that the companys strategies that applied are divided in to two sector recognized as internally facing and customers facing. The areas that comes under internally facing are those activities that are linked with planning budgeting and the areas that comes under customer facing jobs are those activities that such as marketing and sales. These activities are may be of different kinds or some may be overlap. This is an important step taken by the mangers in order to make the effective business processes that are responsive in nature to meet the customer demand (Jamal, 2015 p 161). The redesign process in the Indonesian firm is goes through the following process discus by the mangers stated as follows Planning Before stepping into anything a proper planning is needed the planning. The critical business planning function is an essential for business facing activities in which the business process, budgeting and its predicting outcomes are most fundamental part to focus. This is also helping them to forecast the performance. The mangers to maintain this new opportunity are using their planning function in an effective manner so that that function could improve the process of business in order to satisfy the customer demands which improve the business performance. Marketing Their next focus is onto the proper planning function and this is the key customer facing activity of business that is the process which includes in order convincing the target market audience to make intention toward purchasing of product. They are following a strategy that works on to make the decision that are in favor of customers that what is customer demanding. The mangers are focusing on different data processing techniques which will make it possible to track different customer need to satisfy them. They are focusing to make process which is cost effective and efficient to make changes (Palmer, 2014 p 121). Order Processing One of the internal facing functions that are highly focused by the mangers is order processing at the same time it is primarily customer facing factor as well. The minimum business requirement such as low cost of shipping, booking sales and billing accurately are comes under this function. These all problems are related to business facing activities but it will impact on the customer, if the process is running efficiently than it increases the satisfaction of customer, Purchasing They are focusing to structure a supply process in the business for needed material. The product quality is impacted by the production purchases material, they are focusing to maintain a good structure to deliver the best quality product to the customers, they are focusing to implement this process so that the purchases could be makes in a way that vale to customers (Shih, 2014 p 198). Customer service They customer service function plays a critical role for success of business, they are focusing to empower employees to provide best customer services in order to satisfy the customers demanding on their need. This is implemented to provide best quality services to the customers so that the satisfied customer will be produced. Training Training is an internal factor that is highly influential for the performance of the company. The mangers are designing the training session to provide training to their employees to learn about what are the companys expectations from employees to do work. These types of training are essentially important for sales and customer service. The employees are encouraged to represent their companies in a way that is consistent and positive (Kene, 2014 p 76). Drawing shop workers from existing staff: Advantages The advantage of drawing shop workers from existing staff includes the following which needs to be focused for the effective and efficient results. This gives advantages to both of the employees and the company as well. This gives employees a new opportunity to achieve more way to improve learning. The manger stated that to have a complete maintainable process to achieve better result for the opportunity in Indonesia it is important to have this step to encourage the new talent that will play an effective role for the betterment of organization performance and the employees will have new chance to work in other sector which in results provides knowledge and experience for the shop workers, encouraging new talent in the shop will create a new ways to sale tiles to customers which will attract new number of customers. The mangers of TK ceramics urges to draw attention of some of shop workers to fit into any other role so that a new talent could be encourage that results into more bette r and effective results that will be the appreciation for TK Ceramics that they are availing their new opportunity in best possible way to generate the good performance that represent the Indonesian firm in an effective manner (Rusk, 2014 p 98). Disadvantages The advantage of drawing shop workers from existing staff includes the following as that the manger stated that the shop workers might not be satisfied with this decision and it may be a sign of demotivation to them, they are not satisfied if the requirements are not in their favor. They might be get discourage which often leads in to dis satisfaction; it has been analyzed that the hiring of new and fresh talent at the shop might create a problem for TK ceramics to maintain its new opportunity. They thinks that the hiring of new talent might be risky to them if they are not able to fulfill the requirements and need of the firms that will affect the firm and will not make customers satisfied. The one of the biggest advantage that they faces is the height of risk that could be face if the new shop workers fails to fulfill the perspective need which will affect the performances of the firm that might be discouraged them to get the best results. This will affect their new opportunity in a very bad manner if this strategy will be failed (Crewe 2014 p 121). Job description and person description for jobs in the shop The next step that is highly focused by the TK Ceramics is to make the new job description and person description that will encourage performance and built customer satisfaction. They managers of TK Ceramics wants to avail this new opportunity in Indonesia with all the best possible aspects, for this purpose they are focusing to develop new job description so that the best person could be get hired for the best job. They have assigned different roles to different workers, a worker that is engage in gripping the customer will do its work in all possible manner so that the customer could get satisfied his job description include is to manage the customer on a positive way that will create the job satisfaction and help to retain the customers. The role of other worker is to have eye check that all the activities are going in right order. The job description of one of the worker is to put product into right order and place the order in a right way so it will be easy to maintain activitie s of the shop so that customers could be satisfied for the services that will deliver to customer by shop workers (Jhonson, 2013). The mangers of TK Ceramics are focusing on person description as well along with the job description. They are focusing on the strategy to hire those workers whose skills, knowledge, and abilities match with those of the vacant position that needs to be filled, they are focusing to develop job description that match with their skill, their ability to do work, and their knowledge related to their prior job work. They designed job description in a way that matches with the person description that how he will be able to manage the things, how quickly the works engage himself with the customers, what are they ways the workers could identified the customer related problems and how they will manage. TK Ceramics are concentrating on individual depiction along with the expected set of responsibilities. They are concentrating on the procedure to employ those specialists whose aptitudes, information, and capacities coordinate with those of the empty position that should be filled, they are cen tering to create set of working responsibilities that match with their expertise, their capacity to do work, and their insight identified with their earlier occupation work. They outlined expected set of responsibilities in a way that matches with the individual depiction that how he will have the capacity to deal with the things, how rapidly the works draw in himself with the clients, what are they ways the specialists could recognized the client related issues and how they will oversee to manage them (Noon, 2016 p 132). Sales Representatives Key skills and Abilities After visiting Indonesian firm the TK Ceramics team realized that there should some lack of skills and abilities found in the workers this might be sue to two main reasons that the workers are not get hired to the right position. And the Job description is not made as per requirement that fulfill the sales representatives key skills and abilities the made job description is not up to that requirement that are necessary to fulfilled. The Job description which has been made is not accordance with the prior skills and abilities. The manager stated that there is a lack of coordination found that might be the reason for not hiring right worker for the right job. There should be a need to implement a new strategy that encourages hiring right worker for the right job. It has found by the mangers that the hired staff skill and abilities are efficient in their perspective but the issue is that they are not getting analyzed properly that match with the prior task. They have made the decision t o implement the strategy in which job description is made with match with workers skills and abilities and there should be a need to hire some new workers, that a new talent could be encourage that results into more better and effective results that will be the appreciation for TK Ceramics that they are availing their new opportunity in best possible way to generate the good performance that represent the Indonesian firm in an effective manner (Johnston, 2016 p 165). TK Ceramics group understood that there ought to some absence of aptitudes and capacities found in the laborers this may be sue to two primary reasons that the specialists are not get enlisted to the correct position. What's more, the Job depiction is not made according to prerequisite that satisfy the business delegates' key aptitudes and capacities the made expected set of responsibilities is not up to that necessity that are important to satisfied. The Job depiction which has been made is not understanding with the earlier aptitudes and capacities. The director expressed that there is an absence of coordination found that may be the explanation behind not procuring right specialist for the correct employment. There ought to be a need to actualize another system that empowers enlisting right laborer for the correct employment. It has found by the troughs that the contracted staff aptitude and capacities are proficient in their point of view however the issue is that they are not ge tting broke down legitimately that match with the earlier assignment. They have settled on the choice to execute the methodology in which expected set of responsibilities is made with match with specialists aptitudes and capacities and there ought to be a need to contract some new laborers, that another ability could be support that outcomes into all the more better and successful outcomes that will be the gratefulness for TK Ceramics that they are benefiting their new open door in most ideal approach to produce the great execution that speak to the Indonesian firm in a powerful way (Mansfield, 2013 p 124). References Mansfield, R.S., 2013. Building competency models: Approaches for HR professionals.Human Resource Management (1986-1998),35(1), p.7. Johnston, M. W., Marshall, G. W. 2016.Sales force management: Leadership, innovation, technology. Routledge. Noon, M., Blyton, P. and Morrell, K., 2013.The realities of work: Experiencing work and employment in contemporary society. Palgrave Macmillan. 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